Dental esthetics treatments

The rejuvenation and improvement of the smile with cosmetic dentistry treatments is one of the therapies that we perform the most in our dental office in Madrid.

If what we do not like is the color of our teeth, or we think that our teeth have become darker over time, by means of a dental whitening, done either in the dental office or as an at-home procedure, we can make our teeth lighter and whiter.

If what we are interested in is to change the size (make our teeth bigger, more square…), the shape (if we have a narrower tooth, irregular, with spaces between one tooth and another…), or even if what we want is that we do not see so much gum when smiling, we will make a “digital smile design” from your photos and/or scan of your teeth virtually modifying what we want to change. Afterwards, we will carry out a simulation in your mouth of how your new smile would look like with the desired changes (called “mock up”), which consists of placing a white resin-based material that is superimposed over your teeth and/or gums, and once the result is as desired, we begin the treatment.

Dr. Nerea Sanchez frequently performs the therapy known as “crown lengthening of the tooth” by which the amount of gum that we see when we smile is reduced, the size of the tooth is increased or an ideal symmetry of the teeth of the smile is achieved. If we also want to change the shape, color or other aesthetic parameters of our teeth, we can also choose to place composite or ceramic veneers with minimally invasive techniques to achieve the smile we have always wanted.

If you want to see the results of our cosmetic dentistry treatments, see the “Before and After Cases” section.

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