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Sometimes our teeth are not the size or shape we would like them to be, they are shorter or have spaces between them that we do not like. Many of these problems can be solved through dental and gingival esthetic techniques, which allow us to increase the size of the teeth or close the spaces between them. The first thing we do in our clinic, before starting the treatment, is to make a “mock up”, which is a simulation in the patient’s mouth, based on a digital analysis of the smile, of how the final treatment would look like, to evaluate in advance the result of the treatment and to propose modifications in terms of shape or color. Contact us and get all the information you need about our smile design treatment in Madrid, ask for an appointment in our clinic to evaluate your particular case.

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    Smile design is a computerized planning of how we want our smile to look with a treatment. First it is necessary to take photos of the patient's mouth and smile as well as to take some models (reproduction of the mouth in plaster) from digital impressions with an intraoral scanner. With these records, the facial proportions are analyzed and the "digital smile design" is performed by means of a computer program. This tool can be used to modify the shape, position and color of the teeth in order to achieve a harmonious smile. Then, this planning is sent to the laboratory technician, who sends us a model of the mouth with the new situation. A simulation is made in the patient's mouth ("Mock up") of how the new smile would look like, where he/she can evaluate if he/she likes the size of the teeth, shape, position, etc. Through these simple steps, it is possible to design a new smile and check that we will like the result before starting the treatment. This is when treatment begins, which may require teeth whitening, crown lengthening or therapy with composite or ceramic veneers, among others.

    The price of smile design in Madrid ranges between 300 and 500 euros including the Mock up (simulation in the mouth of the new smile). From our dental clinic in Calle Zurbano 51, you can make an appointment to get a personalized quote tailored to your teeth.

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